Our Children potation Foundation Nepal (OCPFN) has been incorporated in 2068 B.S Bajmati Zone, Nepal with social work. OCPFN registration Number Dist.office ktm, 1119/067/068 PAN Numbeer 600104984 as OCPFN is a social organization run by a group member of most experience, popular and professional, personalities relating to the different aspects of social work. Most of our team members are working in the field since there decade. Experts each on different subject of social work and gathered at a platform and it took the shape of an organization that is OCPFN
During this long working period our team member have produce several social work, helpful programs and more. Beside there we have produced hundreds of manpower in the field of social work with the brilliant knowledge, excellent caliber, capability and quality maintained in our social work. It is the matter of pride for us that our products at rendering valuable service in renowned NGO, INGO, Organization all over the nation some of the nation some of them are working as a social work and many sector

It is established in 2068B.S. This is a non-profit organization. The sole purpose is to bringing up those people who are absolutely helpless. It has the area to support in skill full training, education, which make easy to people in this competitive edge. The people, who lost lives to live how ? Facilitating education as well as capacity building, skills to survive in the community.

It has aim to support socially discriminated, disable and dominated caste like bad is persons who hasn’t path and future how to stay in society. Like we saw that Bill gate owner of Microsoft Company who comes up and thought to bring up the welfare of people who are totally appetite, unable to achieve no more education and have no capacity to spend in health.

There were biggest change in world due to revolution, and revolution comes on effect if there would not be possible to full fill the basic requirement of the period people. We have recent example of Britain where last time a group of people who burned London demanding security to poor peoples who were unable to earn wealth to suffices basic comforts of life like I-phone and newly developed computers etc. so, it brought up new challenge to nations how to define poverty and education. If we can see, Britain is developed country. It has highly equipped and talented police but it was unable to left London from burnt.

Last time, we got news that a lady burnt her with children even unable to pay a single of Rs. 130 Nepali. It’s the current scenario of Nepal. Though, it’s now urgent how to save the life of people, and way out to them who are unable to think to live.

It inspires a group of elite people of Nepal who formed ” OCPFN ” which starts a job with onus to reduce gap between have and have-not through educating street peoples, socially exploited women’s, and socially discriminated people who are unable to think about himself/herself. It performed a number of jobs to educate street students, and there were various activities which rewarded it to achieve the credence of public. It can be seen by various articles published on various TV and newspapers.

Activities performed in various date

Enhance basic skills like training in sewing, computer training and other informal education which support to move in society.

· Providing education to poor people who are unable to provide education to their children.
Responsibility and duties

plan for next year.

Action plan now to implement.